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tampons by by himmelskratze

Toxic Tampons and Feminine Products: Ingredients to Avoid

Did you know that many tampons, pads, and other personal care products contain many toxic chemicals? This super personal area (ahem!) is much more prone to exposure and absorption of toxic chemicals in these products.  And many of these feminine products are loaded with many of the 80,000 chemicals that have never been tested for […]

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Proctor and Gamble to Reduce Levels of Dioxane in Tide Detergents

Led by our friends Women’s Voices for the Earth and the lovely Lori Alper from Groovy Green Livin,  women across the country demanded that the makers of the detergent Tide (Proctor and Gamble) remove cancer causing Dioxane from their products.  They resisted. They deleted photos of babies with bottles of Tide and alarming captions from […]

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Commit to Voting!

I commit to voting in this election.  I’m voting because I want a better world for my kids. I want them to breathe clean air, eat clean food, and live in healthy communities with strong schools. Communities with supports and opportunities, and plenty of ways to earn a living while promoting peace, justice, equality, education, […]

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BlogHer 2012: Women as Change Agents

One thing I love about BlogHer is that I am constantly inspired by so many strong, driven, and talented women.  Take Elisa Camahort, Lisa Stone, and Jory DesJardins. These ladies met, talked, shared ideas, and then launched this thing called BlogHer. They were motivated by the question someone posed to them:  Where are all the women […]

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