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Watch an 8 year old girl tell Dr. Oz: Organics aren’t snobby, but safer and healthier!

When Dr. Oz wrote about how organic foods were no healthier then conventional foods, I was stunned, like many healthy food advocates, environmentalists, and organic farmers. Here was a famous health advocate, someone who expouses the merits of eating whole foods, telling Americans to eat BPA laden canned foods? He said: “Organic food is great, […]

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Tips for Clean, Whole Food, Organic Eating from Amie of The Healthy Apple

At BlogHer 2012, I attended the Stoneyfield Farms and Healthy Child Healthy World party. I had the opportunity to meet many food bloggers, especially ones that promote clean, whole food and organic eating. I can always use help in this regard!  I love getting advice, recipes and motivation from women who know far more than […]

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3 Books to Promote Healthy Eating

(Originally posted at Almost the Truth) There are so many mixed messages out there that our children see and hear about food. They are bombarded with messages about their bodies, food, and values by the media, schools, family, and books. Just take these few examples as message that maybe be confusing to kids, and undermine […]

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