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Vermont Passes Hard Fought Toxics Bill

Cancer causing chemicals in children’s shampoo? Toxic cadmium and lead in stuffed animals? Chemicals used in children’s products have been linked with asthma, developmental disorders, infertility, cancer and other harmful health effects. This is unacceptable in our society.   As readers know, I’ve been working to protect families from harmful chemicals in consumer products for years. […]

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Vermont takes major step to protect children from toxic chemicals in products

(Proud to post this from our friends from VPIRG. Non-Toxic Kids was an active supporter of this legislation and we are thrilled that it is closer to becoming law. More state action will hopefully spur national action to people all people from harmful chemicals in products.) Montpelier – The Vermont House of Representatives voted 114 […]

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Vermonters, Renewable Energy, and Slow Democracy

(first posted at Moms Clean Air Force) Vermont is one of the greenest and healthiest states in the nation. Our roads don’t have billboards, and you won’t find a McDonald’s in our capital city, Montpelier. These things didn’t happen by accident. Vermonters are generally a fiercely independent, community minded bunch. They don’t like to be […]

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Vermont Bottle Bill Activism (Agency of Natural Resources Forum)

I’ve just returned from the Agency of Natural Resources forum on the Vermont Bottle Bill. I arrived soaked after searching the state house building (with lots of well dressed legislators milling about) to find out the meeting was in a different building. I dashed through the pouring rain (who carries and umbrella anymore?) to the […]

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