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Asbestos Awareness Week 2014

(Here is an important guest post from the amazing and inspiring Heather Von St. James. Please spread the word about asbestos and share her story widely.) At age 36, just 3 ½ months after giving birth to my first and only daughter, Lily, I was given 15 months to live. It was a diagnosis that […]

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Join the Toxin Freedom Fighters for Toxic Chemical Reform to Protect Families!

Did you see that Seventh Generation has taken a leadership role on cleaning up our toxics laws? We’ve been blogging for years about the fact that over 80,000 chemicals are in products we use everyday– and they’ve never been tested for safety. Our kids are being exposed to chemicals that can alter their hormones, cause […]

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12 Hormone Altering Chemicals to Avoid: #EcoTipTue this Week with EWG

Did you know that certain chemicals can alter your child’s hormones? Hormone disrupting chemicals are linked to obesity, fertility problems, cancer, heart disease and early puberty. Our friends at Environmental Working Group have created a list of 12 of the most toxic chemicals found in our daily lives and how to AVOID based on their hormone […]

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