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Autism and Toxic Chemicals

Here is a very interesting article from Dr. Harvey Karp about the rise of endocrine disrupting chemicals and the rates of autism. New links are showing up about about the cocktail of chemicals we are exposed to, and how many of them are hormone disrupting, causing multiple health problems in developing children, including potentially autism. […]

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The fantastic folks at MomsRising also read the USA Today report about toxic air outside of our nation’s schools with worry, outrage and concern. They’ve come up with a simple action step to send a letter to Congress and President Obama’s transition team to empower the EPA address this issue. Here’s how to take action […]

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USA Today Reports: “The Smokestack Effect: Toxic Air and America’s Schools

Recently USA Today issued an eye opening special report on the toxicity of the air in schools across the country. The results should be read by every parent in America, as well as politicians. The series shares which schools are toxic hot spots, making children at those school particularly vulnerable to air borne toxic chemicals. […]

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