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New Post on MightyNest: Baby Einstein Videos: Not so Brainy After All (Refunds and Deceptive Advertising)

Did you see this in the news last week? Here’s a post about the recent news of refunds for Baby Einstein DVDs. The link for information about how to get a refund is in the post, as well as some of the educational claims (which are completely untrue) that Baby Einstein has been making for […]

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TV Watching Causes High Blood Pressure in Children (Yet Another Reason to Limit TV!)

As if you needed another reason to limit your child’s intake of television, here one is. Apparently, when measured with other sedentary activities such as using the computer and playing video games, television caused higher blood pressure in children. We know all sedentary activities increase obesity and poor health. But now high blood pressure? Yep, […]

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