Get Recall Updates–

It is dizzying trying to keep up with all the toy and kid product recall updates. I find it all deeply disconcerting, a statement of our lack of connection to where most of our products come from, and a symbol of how powerful large corporations and their outsourcing has become. Here is an important link […]

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Bad, Bad, Baby Bibs-

You might have heard about the findings of lead in baby bibs that came out this summer. But if you are like me, you heard the tail end of the report while making dinner, changing a diaper, or between loud toddler talk and a baby crying, you missed something! The Issue: This August, an environmental […]

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Lead in Christmas lights, too–

Now that we are about to be bombarded with Christmas ads, and since I’ve been posting about lead- several friends have shared that many Xmas lights are made with lead as well. Where does it stop? Apparently most of the Xmas lights we already have are probably made with lead, they just aren’t labeled. Thanks […]

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Lead, lead everywhere-

One of my best friends has a two and a half year old son who is absolutely enthralled with all things electric, cords, appliances and otherwise. When visiting our house, he looks behind shelves, and the refrigerator (which has scary dust bunnies and god knows what else lurking), and under tables, all seeking cords and […]

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I am a teacher, mother and writer, not a doctor or medical professional. The information on this site should not be used as a subsitute for medical advice from a doctor. The articles on this blog are my best effort at presenting information that I believe to be true based on my research and experience. […]

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A Word of Welcome–

Americans make the assumption that all products on our store shelves have been tested by someone, somewhere. Well, obviously in light of the recent recalls, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. We here at Non-Toxic kids are researching products, news reports, and information that will help you make healthier consumer choices for your kids, […]

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