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Watch an 8 year old girl tell Dr. Oz: Organics aren’t snobby, but safer and healthier!

When Dr. Oz wrote about how organic foods were no healthier then conventional foods, I was stunned, like many healthy food advocates, environmentalists, and organic farmers. Here was a famous health advocate, someone who expouses the merits of eating whole foods, telling Americans to eat BPA laden canned foods? He said: “Organic food is great, […]

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Organic is Not the Answer (by itself!)

I’m a sucker for anything organic. Even those organic, crunchy snacks that remind me of cheese doodles. Part of me feels justified in eating these, because they are organic, of course, how can they be bad? When I am thinking clearly, not in the grocery store at 5pm with two hungry kids, I see plainly […]

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Some Jason, Citrus Magic and Alba Products Contain a Toxic Ingredient, 1,4 Dioxane —

Just when you thought that you were buying nice, happy, not chemically laden, better for the earth products, here comes this news. Turns out that a study released by the Organic Consumers Association revealed a toxic carcinogenic contaminant called 1,4 Dioxane (no, I don’t know why there is a comma between the numbers) is in […]

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