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Zum Zum Bikes (great project and affordable toddler bike!)

I love how Kickstarter can give voice to real people with interesting and helpful projects so it’s not just major corporations we can choose to support. I was contacted by the folks at Zum Zum bikes, and they have created a beautiful, functional, and light weight bike for even the youngest riders! ZumZum is a […]

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Do These Chemicals Make Me Look Fat?

by David Epstein, ProPublica Everyone knows Americans are fat and getting fatter, and everyone thinks they know why: more eating and less moving. But the “big two” factors may not be the whole story. Consider this: Animals have been getting fatter too. The National Pet Obesity Survey recently reported that more than 50 percent of cats and dogs — […]

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Babies, Solid Food, and Obesity

When did your baby start eating solid food? Or when are you planning to introduce it to your baby? An interesting discussion is happening over at the Washington Post. Jennifer LaRue Huget posted  about a study questioning the practice of introducing food to breastfeeding babies at 6 months. The study suggests possible effects of exclusively […]

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