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10 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid: New Post at

Here’s an informative article just posted today by Keely Savoie on It details 10 toxic chemicals in our homes, communities, and lives, and how we can avoid them. Keely explains why each chemical is harmful and how to avoid it in detail. This is super helpful for busy parents who want to find their […]

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The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards Are Under Attack in Congress

Mercury is a deadly neurotoxin. It’s currently allowed to spew, unfettered, from the smokestacks of power plants, our nation’s top source of mercury pollution.  Unbelievable– but true. EPA’s proposed standards to address this mercury, along with dozens of other power plant pollutants, would prevent 11,000 premature deaths, 130,000 asthma attacks, and 4,700 heart attacks annually. […]

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Loons and Mercury in the Adirondacks

If you’ve ever heard a loon call you know how it strikes at your very core. At the place of wildness, that ancestral deep knowing that generations of your relatives lived on the land. That feeling of wilderness, of something so perfect, no humans are needed. Such wildness that is so often taken for granted, […]

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