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Non-Toxic KidsAmericans make the assumption that all products on our store shelves have been tested by someone, somewhere. Well, we’ve learned time and time again, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Non-Toxic Kids is your source for green parenting news and activism, reviews of eco-friendly products, books and music for children, and tips for more natural family living. Our mission is to help your children stay safe, healthy and smart.
Katy Farber started Non-Toxic Kids in 2007 after the birth of her second daughter. She was constantly reading about environmental health, green living, and parenting issues, and wanted to share what she learned with other overwhelmed, sleep deprived parents. You can learn more about her writing, advocacy, and teaching here.
Parents are looking for helpful information about how to best parent their children in these confusing and overwhelming times. Non-Toxic Kids delivers 3-6 posts weekly about current children’s health news, environmental issues, natural living, education, and tools for activism and empowerment. We are a trusted source of parent to parent information, with a no fluff, clear style of communication.
We are happy to team up with like minded, environmental and progressive businesses and non-profit organizations, and can help you spread the word to an educated, engaged, and wide parent audience.
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Non-Toxic Kids was awarded a top 100 health blogs and the best children’s health blog in the People’s Health Blogger Awards Competition by Wellsphere. Here are what the readers who voted for Non-Toxic Kids had to say about the blog:

‘Katy at the Non-Toxic Kids blog delivers the most interesting and informative and in most cases life-saving information to my inbox each week. Her research concentrated in this blog help me keep my 11 month-old safe and growing healthy. I would otherwise never know this information. She’s helping raise a healthier America.’

‘Katy has been amazing! Her blog is my go to place for information about keeping my kids safe and healthy in this ever changing world. Katy is constantly researching and sharing results with us about chemicals in our day to day life. Thank you Katy for opening my eyes and keeping me informed. In this busy life I need you!’

‘Katy is amazing at sharing her well studied knowledge. I love her Blog. She is very much dedicated to helping our kids and helping our world.’

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