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10 Tips for Preventing Lead Poisoning

(Here is an important guest post about preventing lead poisoning. Follow these tips to protect your kids, and please, spread the word.) “Lead poisoning is one of the most important and most preventable pediatric environmental diseases today.  Lead poisoning may cause a variety of medical problems, including learning disabilities, anemia, growth problems and behavioral issues,” […]

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Lead in Landfills?

(I promise I will research and post about something other than lead soon. This particular issue has been surrounding me lately. Stay tuned, themes such as health/body care, organic food, and more on plastics will be explored in upcoming posts!) After the saga described in the last post, I called two experts about lead in […]

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Lead in My House —

I’ve been so worried about possible lead in our blinds, our toys from China, plastic bowls, you name it. Our house was built in 1975, and that predates the lead ban in paint in 1978, but it had been completely redone for the most part, and I thought it was lead free. My husband and […]

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