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10 Ways to Avoid Lead Poisoning in Children

Guest post by California Poison Control One million children today are affected by lead poisoning, but when you know what to look for and what to do, lead poisoning is 100% preventable. From China and Antarctica to Ohio and California, no nation or state is free of lead poisoning.¬† It affects humans and wildlife, children […]

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Vermont Passes New Legislation limiting Lead, Phthalates and Mercury!

As Vermont’s legislative session closed, I held my breath and hoped that all or most of the environmental health bills would pass. And happily, most of them did. The bill that I had been most involved in, S.152, the Lead in Consumer Products bill, passed both the House and the Senate. Some of the provisions […]

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Lead in Landfills?

(I promise I will research and post about something other than lead soon. This particular issue has been surrounding me lately. Stay tuned, themes such as health/body care, organic food, and more on plastics will be explored in upcoming posts!) After the saga described in the last post, I called two experts about lead in […]

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