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Preserve Jr. Toothbrush Subscription (no more tossing plastic toothbrushes or remembering when to get new ones!)

How cool is this? I feel a stab of guilt when I throw away my daughters’ old toothbrushes.  After illness, or after they “brush” themselves, and leave them wet and yucky again and again, we go through a lot.  This amount of plastic waste adds up. To stop buying regular toothbrushes and tossing them after […]

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Freecycle It-

In an effort to simplify before we start a renovation on our house, and to get rid of chemically laden products we had deep in various closets, I made a pile of stuff. It contained old sunscreens, lotions and body washes that were gifts, old shampoos and conditioners, and random products that were obviously not […]

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Lead in Landfills?

(I promise I will research and post about something other than lead soon. This particular issue has been surrounding me lately. Stay tuned, themes such as health/body care, organic food, and more on plastics will be explored in upcoming posts!) After the saga described in the last post, I called two experts about lead in […]

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