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Glade: Stop Keeping Toxic Secrets (you’ve upset Emma and parents everywhere!)

SC Johnson, makers of Glade air fresheners, say they’re committed to transparency: “We know you value transparency, and we’re committed to sharing what’s inside our products.”  Except when it comes to fragrance ingredients. Women’s Voices for the Earth’s product testing shows allergens and hormone disruptors like synthetic musks hiding out in Glade air fresheners. But […]

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Meet a School Nurse (an interview with health tips for parents)

Meet Martha Israel – This mom, school nurse, and health advocate is full of ideas for how to help keep school aged children healthy. Usually, she is tending to kids’ tummy aches, headaches, sneezes and coughs. She took a minute out from her busy school day to share her tips learned through 24 yrs of […]

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