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Giving Tuesday: 4 Gifts with Meaning

It’s Giving Tuesday and I love this new idea. After all the commercials, torrent of emails, signs, and reports of holiday sales, it is refreshing to see a focus on giving. Here are some of my ideas for giving gifts to your loved ones that helps others and makes the world  a better place.  Did […]

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Gift Guide: 3 Best Read Aloud Books to Engage and Excite Kids in Reading

One of my favorite times of day is snuggling up to my two girls and reading to them. Their bodies relax, but their brains come alive. They giggle, they grimace, they ask questions. They are learning to be fully engrossed in books and to discuss literature. These are three fantastic books that will thrill your […]

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Help Families Worldwide with Heifer International

(Here is another wonderful guest post for Giving Tuesday. Heifer International reminds us how we can help families survive and thrive worldwide with meaningful gifts that will help for years to come.) Observed for the first time this year, Giving Tuesday is a charitable alternative to the excess of the holiday season, where presents can […]

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