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Gift Guide: 3 Best Read Aloud Books to Engage and Excite Kids in Reading

One of my favorite times of day is snuggling up to my two girls and reading to them. Their bodies relax, but their brains come alive. They giggle, they grimace, they ask questions. They are learning to be fully engrossed in books and to discuss literature. These are three fantastic books that will thrill your […]

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Pick of the Week: Green Kid Crafts (sweet deals on eco-craft kits)

I couldn’t pass this up. I thought many of you readers might be interested in this deal– I certainly am. Have you heard of Green Kid Crafts? They are a monthly delivery service which provides creative, hands-on, educational craft activities every month for your child. Each kit has enough supplies for 3 crafts, all with […]

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Non-Toxic Kids Gift Guide 2012

Can you block out all the cheesy box store holiday commercials and ads? It’s hard, they are everywhere. These mega corporations are vying for your hard earned dollars! Thankfully, there are many great resources for safer, greener and healthier gifts this holiday season. Here are many of the sites and resources I have gathered in […]

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All-You-Can-Ship on Holiday Decor

Eco-friendly Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

I’m avoiding Black Friday like the plague. I’d rather have my teeth cleaned then stand in line for something that is overpackaged, made of toxic ingredients, and unsustainably produced. But like many of us, I am thinking of how to celebrate the kidlets, my family and friends with an eye on healthy, sustainable products and […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Most of you savvy moms and dads have already secured your holiday presents, I’m sure.  Just in case you are making your orders this week, here are a few trusted sources for safe, healthy, green and educational gifts for your little ones and family. 1.  Here are my favorite online retailers for safe and environmentally […]

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Non-Toxic Kids Gift Guide 2009

Here it is! My annual gift guide for safer toys and children’s products, good music and books, all Non-Toxic Kids approved. Since starting this blog over 2 years ago, I have reviewed numerous quality online stores (often run by green mamas), safer toys and products for children, and quality books and children’s music. There are […]

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