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What’s in your bread?

Fall is the perfect season for a warm bowl of soup and a thick slice of crusty bread. Want some potassium bromate with that? EWG has just released a list of 86 baked goods that contain this additive. Apparently it gives the bread a nice color and helps it rise. But it comes at a cost– according […]

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Top 3 News Stories This Week (Cheerios, Triclosan, and Flame Retardants)

Here’s what caught my attention this week in the news in the world of healthy, green living and environmental health. Lots going on! 1. Cheerios to remove GMO ingredients. This surprised me. General Mills responding to the GMO movement? This is just another reminder of the power of activists and regular people, consumers, demanding cleaner, […]

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Babies, Solid Food, and Obesity

When did your baby start eating solid food? Or when are you planning to introduce it to your baby? An interesting discussion is happening over at the Washington Post. Jennifer LaRue Huget posted  about a study questioning the practice of introducing food to breastfeeding babies at 6 months. The study suggests possible effects of exclusively […]

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