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How Happy is the Meal You’re Paying For?

Check out this amazing new info graphic from Frugal Dad.  My jaw about hit the floor with the statistic that McDonald’s is the largest distributor of toys.  Imagine!  More than Toys-r-us. And the toys are of course a major contributing factor to kids buying them.  Their brains aren’t prepared to sort through what is persuasive […]

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Food Day Activism

What a great week for the release of my new ebook, Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for busy parents.  It officially launches tomorrow, with a limited time launch price at 25 percent off the retail of 9.99.  I’ll be featuring lots of food related posts, along with a sweet giveaway, so please come back and visit […]

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Retire Ronald McDonald: Junk Food Marketing to Kids

(Here is a guest post from our friends at Corporate Accountability International.  It’s about an event that just took place in Vermont and the effort to retire Ronald McDonald, the friendly clown that lures children into unhealthy eating habits.  Read to on learn about the campaign to retire Ronald from McDonald’s advertising, in an effort to reduce obesity […]

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San Francisco Poised to Limit Toys in Fast Food

(In a another stellar leadership moment from San Francisco, the city is poised to become the first state in the nation to limit  toys in fast food geared to children.  To this I say, hallelujah!  These toys are often made from cheap, toxic plastic, are unsustainable, feature questionable cartoon characters with stereotypes, and oh yes, […]

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Meat Recall: Update to Unsafe Practices at the Westland/Hallmark Meat Packing Plant–

The unsafe (and cruel) practices discovered by the Humane Society and described in this post have led to the recall of 143 million pounds of beef, much of it sent to school lunch programs. See this article from the Seattle Times. Apparently, the meat was not available to consumers at grocery stores. It was sold […]

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