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FDA Gives "Guidance" to Factory Farms and Drug Companies about Antibiotics

Today, the FDA announced it will ask livestock producers, drug companies, and veterinarians to limit their use of antibiotics to promote growth in food producing animals, according to the LA Times and other news sources. Why?  As I have written about here before, as part of the group Moms for Antibiotic Awareness, more antibiotics are […]

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3 Ways Farms Contribute to Air Pollution: New post at Moms Clean Air Force

(first posted at the Moms Clean Air Force) Last week over at my blog, Non-Toxic Kids, I released a new ebook about called Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for busy parents. For months now, I have been writing this book and thinking about how parents can limit toxic exposures from harmful chemicals in food and feeding […]

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New Post on Non-Toxic Nest: Inspired by Food Inc. (Boycott Monsanto!)

I just put up a post on my Non-Toxic Nest blog for MightyNest. I was inspired by the PBS showing of Food Inc., and wrote a post about Monsanto (the agricultural biotech firm that produces herbicides and genetically modified seeds– in addition to polluting the earth, putting small farmers out of business, and fighting against […]

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