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Green Parent News Roundup (antibiotics and cruelty in factory farms)

Here’s what I have been following this week. First is this shocking undercover video about the abuse and mistreatment of baby chicks at Cal-Cruz Hatcheries in California. The video is not for the faint of heart, and is just the latest example of animal cruelty in large scale meat factory farms.  If are you looking […]

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Conglomerate American Food Infographic

The Consolidation of American Food in Pictures

One can only write about local foods and the dangers of our factory farmed, mega corporate food production system for so long. Sometimes you have to actually see the information. Prepare yourself– you’ll be motivated to find your nearest CSA and nab your share of local food to fight consolidation, corporate excess and control, waste […]

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Good Reading (factory farmed turkeys, plastics in the kitchen and pizza is a vegetable?)

As we head into Thanksgiving next week, you have to check out this post from the PEW research center about turkeys in factory farms.  I learned this charming fact: “The 271 million turkeys that the National Turkey Federation projects will be sold this year will produce more than 229 million cubic feet of litter (PDF) […]

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Food Day Activism

What a great week for the release of my new ebook, Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for busy parents.  It officially launches tomorrow, with a limited time launch price at 25 percent off the retail of 9.99.  I’ll be featuring lots of food related posts, along with a sweet giveaway, so please come back and visit […]

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