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What the West Virginia Chemical Spill Teaches Us About Clean Water (and our upcoming #EcoTipTue)

(Guest post by Jon Devine of the NRDC. This week we will have a special #EcoTipTue tweet chat on the West Virginia chemical spill. We will have West Virginia Rivers coalition and Clean Water Alliance as our expert guests to discuss the spill and how to keep our water safe and healthy. Please join us– […]

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How Much Coal is in Your Life?

With over 500 coal plants spewing industrial chemicals into our air everyday, clean air is a topic we can’t ignore. It effects the food we eat, the air we breath, the water we swim in, and the world our children live in. Want to find out how much coal is impacting your life, where you […]

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Moms Clean Air Force on BlogTalk Radio: Asthma in African American Kids

Study after study has shown that airborne particulate pollution has sent asthma rates soaring among Latino and African American children. The smokestacks of coal-powered electric plants are spewing their poisons over poorer neighborhoods, and many power plants stand in the shadow of school buildings and playgrounds where children spend their days. Particulate pollution triggers and […]

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