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FDA Fails to Ban BPA in Food Packaging (NRDC and Non-Toxic Kids Readers React)

The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday, March 30th 2012, it would allow bisphenol A (BPA) to remain in food packaging, an action that keeps the hormone-disrupting chemical linked to cancer, obesity and a host of other health problems in the food supply. The FDA rejected a petition from the Natural Resources Defense Council, while […]

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Coca-Cola Investors to Vote on Shareholder Resolution Addressing Toxic Chemical BPA in Can Linings

Here’s a guest post about BPA and Coca-Cola from As You Sow. If Coca-Cola takes leadership on this issue, we would likely see rapid action from other companies.  It’s telling that it will probably take action from a huge mult-national corporation for more significant change on this issue. Any way to lessen BPA exposures of […]

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