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Watch an 8 year old girl tell Dr. Oz: Organics aren’t snobby, but safer and healthier!

When Dr. Oz wrote about how organic foods were no healthier then conventional foods, I was stunned, like many healthy food advocates, environmentalists, and organic farmers. Here was a famous health advocate, someone who expouses the merits of eating whole foods, telling Americans to eat BPA laden canned foods? He said: “Organic food is great, […]

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Interview with Sarah Janssen of the NRDC about BPA and phthalate study

Sarah Janssen, a senior scientist on the public health team of the Natural Resources Defense Council, (and also an MD and a mom) recently wrote this post about the latest troubling study concerning BPA and phthalates in our food. It explains the study and provides some additional information. We asked her a few questions about […]

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