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Dandelion Tableware For Kids (BPA free, made from corn)

There are so many plastic and melamine dishes and utensils out there for kids. These materials are unsustainable and questionable in their safety. In light of concerns about melamine’s creation (utilizing formaldehyde), and concerns about the chemicals in plastics, it makes sense to avoid them altogether. Here’s a good choice for lightweight eating gear for […]

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The Big Bottle Swap at the Soft Landing (send them your old BPA filled Siggs for 30 percent off New Stainless Steel bottles)

What a great idea from Alicia at the Soft Landing along with the ladies of Cool Mom Picks! They’ve started The Big Bottle Swap. Here is the great offer (from their website): “Here’s the deal: *You return your BPA-lined SIGG bottle(s) to us at The Soft Landing (please use the form below before shipping) *Once […]

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Important Green Parenting News Roundup: (New Sigg Bottles Disappoint, and Swine Flu Vaccine Names)

I’ve come across some important articles from very thorough bloggers about the Swine Flu Vaccine, and about the new liners in those BPA free Sigg bottles (yeah, I know, we thought the other ones were BPA free, that’s why we bought them!). Swine Flu News: In Cate Nelson’s post, The Swine Flu Vaccination and Your […]

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