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BPA Good News: Suffolk County, Baby Bottles and More

I love good news. Really. Because for weeks on end I write about endlessly frustrating environmental health issues. And when I get news like this, I happily take notice and rejoice. So I read this BPA news with glee. In the absence of sound governmental precautionary practices, the six largest manufacturers of baby bottles in […]

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Environmental Working Group takes on Bottled Water (it’s not just the plastic, but chemicals in bottled water)

As if we needed more reasons to avoid bottled water. Let’s see. It’s single use plastic, much of which ends up in landfills. The said plastic contains chemicals harmful to our bodies, and they leech into the water we are drinking. The whole idea of privatizing water for corporate benefit is offensive to our very […]

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BPA Post Roundup (a tired parent’s summary of helpful BPA posts)–

The environmental health blogs and mainstream news outlets are buzzing with lots of BPA news. It certainly looks like the tides are changing, but until the U.S. bans BPA in all products for all people, its important for everyone to limit their exposure to this toxic chemical. In light of this, I am recapping some […]

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