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BPA replacement? BPS, just as bad

BPA free! It must be safe! Not so fast— A new study out this week confirms what we have been reporting here for a LONG while. We simply can’t trust any BPA replacements, especially BPS, which new research is saying acts just like its shunned and banned counterpart, BPA. BPS is showing similar endocrine disrupting […]

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FDA bans 3 chemicals used in food packaging

You know the lining that keeps food packaging from taking on grease from food? Well, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, and now the FDA, those chemicals are harmful to human health. The FDA this week banned 3 chemicals in food packaging it had previously approved. PFCs, or perchlorate, are in our food and […]

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What’s in your bread?

Fall is the perfect season for a warm bowl of soup and a thick slice of crusty bread. Want some potassium bromate with that? EWG has just released a list of 86 baked goods that contain this additive. Apparently it gives the bread a nice color and helps it rise. But it comes at a cost– according […]

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