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Katy-FarberKaty Farber founded Non-Toxic Kids in 2007. She is an author, blogger, community builder, activist, teacher, and big fan of spontaneous kitchen dance parties with her small children. She lives in the mountains of Vermont with her husband and two young daughters. Read on for more information about her work.



community building

  • Non-Toxic Kids Facebook page has over 10,000 active members
  • @non_toxic_kids on Twitter has over 10,300 followers and growing daily
  • Non-Toxic Kids has over 45,000 page views each month and growing
  • Katy enages daily with readers, activists, parents, and bloggers about children’s health issues and is part of the Green Moms Carnival, and several other environmental online groups and coalition


  • She has testified at the Vermont legislature help pass a lead in consumer products bill.
  • She also participated in a body burden study of Vermonters and has been an activist about toy safety and the harmful chemicals in everyday products.
  • She writes for the Moms Clean Air Force and advocates for better protections of our right to clean air
  • She is an online activist—writing about environmental issues on her blog and linking to specific and clear actions for busy parents.

speaking and interviews

  • She has spoken at national and state education conferences
  • She has been interviewed for numerous radio programs about education, parenting, and healthy living

guest blogging

graduate level and elementary school teaching

  • Katy teaches graduate level education courses in service learning
  • She is currently a sixth grade teacher in Vermont

Katy and Non-Toxic Kids have been featured in The Washington Postthe Richmond Times Dispatch, The Associated Press, USA Today, the Toronto Star, Enviroblogthe Huffington Post and on many green and educational blogs and websites.


  • Earthwatch Educational Fellowship Awardee
  • Wellsphere Top 100 Health Bloggers
  • Babble’s Top 100 Parenting Blogger
  • GoodGuide Featured Mother
  • Why Great Teachers Quit nominated for Prose Award
  • Invited Guest Blogger at Dr. Greene’s blog
  • Top 25 Eco-Friendly Moms

Katy is available for interviews and pubic speaking engagements to talk about teacher sustainability, green living, environmental issues, blogging, and the need for chemical reform. She is available for writing projects and social media support for environmental, health, and feminist non-profits and green small businesses.

For more information about her books, or to schedule an interview or presentation, please contact Katy at farbud (at) comcast (dot) net.

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