8 Ways to Eat Locally Grown this Spring (resources, recipes, and ideas)


Why eat locally and seasonally as much as possible? Oh, let me list the reasons!

  • To show small, independent American family farmers some love and build community.
  • We know industrial food is grown with toxic pesticides and processed with additives linked to all sorts of health issues.
  • We want fresh food that’s traveled fewer miles, has a lower footprint, tastes better, healthier and supports local economy.
  • Because sustainable practices benefit humans animals the environment and public health!

These are several of the reasons folks at our weekly tweet chat called #EcoTipTue, said about why they want to eat locally.  I couldn’t agree more!

Here are some great tips and resources shared during the chat:

1. Find recipes for each food in season RIGHT NOW with this interactive tool. So helpful!  The Real Food Right Now seasonal food series offers A-Z guides on your spring faves to find at market. 

2. Find local farmer’s market’s right here with this nifty tool: USDA has a great site to help you locate farmers markets in your area 

3.  Be kind to animals! Eat local and small scale, humanely harvested: Another big reason to eat from local, sustainable farms: to promote animal welfare. Learn more.

4. How to find local, sustainable food. A guide! 7 options ranging from CSAs, grocery stores, co-ops and more. 

5. Find a local co-op to shop at. It’s also a great way to save money – here’s a directory.

6.  Eat less meat. (It doesn’t have to be none!) Check out for fun ideas and weekly recipes. 

7. Be graduate and realistic. Here’s how. You don’t have to eat 100% local, sustainable, organic all at once! 

8. Free is good. Very good:  has a new, free, pizza e-cookbook full of tasty recipes and ideas! 

As the weather warms you can use these great resources to help you find, cook, and eat local foods! The environment, our climate, farmers, local communities, animals, and your taste buds will thank you. Thanks to the Sustainable Table, and our many #EcoTipTue participants who inspired this post!

What’s your best tip for eating local?


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