Naked Juice: Ultimate in Greenwashing (GMOs and synthetic ingredients)

by Tim Trueman Naked Juice

Picture this. It’s 5 or 6pm. There is NO food in the house. I’ve been working all day teaching my students at school. Now I realize I need to make dinner, or bring my kids home from dance, and there is no food in the house.

So, like many desperate parents, we head to the grocery store. With hungry children. At dinnertime. Need I say more?

I have to say that at times like these I have grabbed for them a smoothie from the produce section. I know. They are not organic, but I thought, everyone once in a while, how bad could it be?

Yeah. Worse than I thought.

Turns out Naked Juice company (actually, it’s owner, PepsiCo) settled a class action law suit about its falsely natural and non-GMO claims.  The lawsuit alleges that the smoothies contain genetically modified soy, calcium pantothenate  (which is synthetically produced from formaldehyde), and other artificial ingredients on a product that is labeled “all natural.”

And we all know that GMOs  and synthetic ingredients are far from natural.

I am a huge proponent of reading ingredient labels. I write about greenwashing, whole food eating, and pesticides all the time. I’m embarrassed to say that I have purchased these every once in a while.

Not anymore, ever.

I was happy to hear about this class action lawsuit, settled this summer, where Pepsi-Co, makers of Naked Juice, will pay 9 million dollars to consumers. People  who purchased Naked Juices can receive some reimbursement (even without receipts) if they submited a claim before December 17th. I, unfortunately did not. I’m hoping some of you did– but I bet you didn’t.

Why? According to Max Goldberg of Living Maxwell,  this class action suit was not widely publicized by design and agreement from Naked Juice and the lawyers who settled the case. I keep up with these issues and I didn’t even hear about it. What does that tell you about the likelihood of average consumers hearing about this? Naked Juice wanted to product their bottom line and their reputation, so while this is a win against greenwashing and GMOs, it is a lose because most consumers never heard about it in the first place.

I’m hoping to change that (if only a little bit) with this post. Please, share it widely and tell your friends not to support this company. Even when you have hungry kids in the grocery store at dinner time.

I’m reminded of a quote from the film Super Size me, a quote from the lawsuit against filed McDonald’s on behalf of two overweight teenagers. It said in effect that it is well known that any processing of food makes it much unhealthier than the unprocessed version. What made me think that a mass produced, non-organic smoothie made from conventional fruits would be healthy?

So, the message to myself and others is: make it yourself. Avoid products that are not organic and simply say “all natural.” That means nothing.

And: avoid the store at suppertime. With hungry children.

What about you? Have you ever bought Naked Juice smoothies? Did you hear about the settlement?

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image:  by Tim Trueman on Flickr under CC

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