10 Ways to Have a Healthy, Green and Toxin Free 2014 (inspired by #EcoTipTue)


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How can you make 2014 your family’s healthiest yet? That was the topic of this week’s MomsRising tweet chat. The guests and participants in #EcoTipTue had lots to share about making 2014 healthy, green and toxin free. It’s each week at 9pm ET, and we’d love to have you join us. We discuss all things health, environment, toxics, and climate related.

Here are 10 ideas for a healthy, happy new year. Please add yours in the comments.

1.  Our special guest Leah Segedie shared several ways to start 2014 off right!

“Make 2014 healthier for ur family by shopping organic, BPA free, and buy natural personal care & cleaning products #EcoTipTue

These three actions are a great way to protect your family from pesticides, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and cleaners that are harmful to little (and big) lungs.

2. Avoid GMOs buy shopping for organic produce.  Dagmar Bleasdale, another special guest, noted this was the only way to make sure she is avoiding GMOs with her family.

 ”Q3: #organic food. It’s the only way I know he’s eating healthy, since #GMO food still isn’t labeled. No food dyes. #EcoTipTue

3.  #EcoTipTue participant Susan Ratz shared her goals:

“A4 Aiming to eat more vegetarian meals & get better at cooking w dried beans#ecotiptue”

As someone who has burnt far too many pots of beans– I need to master this skill as well. No cans are required with dried beans, so no chance of BPA (or its replacement) chemicals leaching into food. More vegetarian meals will decrease water usage, factory farming, and climate change.

4.  My goal for this year is to focus on less packaging in all purchases and to consume and spend less. @bestrawesome (makers of glass straws– no more plastic!) agreed and added:

“Know what you are buying and why! RT @Non_Toxic_Kids: Focusing on less packaging. Consuming and spending less. #EcoTipTue
5.  Councilwoman Scott frequently drops by #EcoTipTue and shares her wisdom As for her 2014 goals, she said:
“We can start with creating healthy, safe + toxin free environments in our communities, homes and schools. #EcoTipTue
Of course we couldn’t agree more with this! Our work at MomsRising and in the safer chemicals coalition is toward this end, and it is a goal I work toward each day. I recently wrote a post at Non-Toxic Kids about 8 ways to avoid toxic chemicals in public schools.
6.  Our special guest Stephanie Moram is an inspired vegan and the creator of healthy and scrumptious smoothie recipes which she often shares on her site, Good Girl Gone Green.  When asked about her goals, she said to keep making smoothies for her family. She even posted a link to all of her recipes. A fresh veggie and fruit smoothie a day is a resolution I can get into! We asked her what she put in her smoothies:

“Anything and everything  Mostly banana and spinach. All my recipes: bit.ly/1gUXjtJ@MomsRising#EcoTipTue


7.  Participant Monica made a pledge this year to read labels for ingredients she knows are safe and health for her family. She said:

” I used to go for the convenience of not looking at labels. Now I always look at the product ingredients. #ecotiptue
Reading labels is a great way to connect with what you are eating and feeding your family. If the ingredient list is too long, or has words you can’t pronounce, it is probably not very healthy. Also, looking out for and avoiding food dyes, MSG, and other synthetic ingredients is a good way to feed your family with more whole, less processed foods.
8. Stella’s mom is focused on eating local this year. Here is her goal for 2014:
“I’m hoping to participate in a CSA/ Local garden this year if my own doesn’t take off (like last year!)”
CSAs and farmer’s markets are such a great way to support local agriculture and food systems, connect your kids to the land, and to find fresh, healthy and tasty food.
9. Our special guest Leah Segedie shared a bold resolution (and prediction) for 2014:

“This year consumers are going to become more aware of how chemicals impact health. And I’m part of that #EcoTipTue

We can all be part of this movement. Together, we can move markets and companies (Target, Walmart, Tide, Procter & Gamble) and soon, legislation to better protect families and vulnerable populations from toxic chemicals. We are with you Leah!  Join us in calling for meaningful chemical reform that protects families and communities.

10.   Spread the word to family friends, and anyone you can. Jennifer Weare (@myhippiehome) wants to spread awareness about healthy food and toxins around us. I think we all should join her in spreading the word:

Spread word on real food & toxins. Surprised how many families are unaware of toxic things in food & everyday items #EcoTipTue
What are some of your goals or resolutions for 2014 regarding your health and the health of your family? We’d love to hear it! Please leave a comment and let us know. And we hope you can join us this Tuesday for a tweet chat on weird weather and climate change. 9pm ET Tuesday!
image: by Caro Wallis on Flickr under CC

9 Responses to 10 Ways to Have a Healthy, Green and Toxin Free 2014 (inspired by #EcoTipTue)

  1. Katy January 17, 2014 at 7:03 am #

    Thanks James! It is important to start small!

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  3. Jessica April 2, 2014 at 1:54 am #

    I totally agree, switching overnight can be overwhelming and not a lasting change.

  4. 11 plus tutor April 3, 2014 at 5:23 am #

    It was really helpful that you are sharing this details to your readers, I do personally having a worth while reviewing the article. Thanks for sharing.

  5. best paleo cookbook April 4, 2014 at 5:01 pm #

    My whole family is Paleo for about a year now and its great. We buy organic meats, vegetables and fruits.

  6. CardioGod July 30, 2014 at 4:02 am #

    One more tip: forget about processed and fast food. Prepare home dishes you LIKE and for those whom you LIKE and you'll be more healthy.

  7. J. Withington November 6, 2014 at 10:15 am #

    Great ideas!

  8. Nick Forskolin December 17, 2014 at 8:41 pm #

    Just came across this article. Well, 2014 is almost over, so I think I'll take some of these tips into 2015!

  9. back to active February 3, 2015 at 6:04 am #

    From the beginning to the last moment of this 2014 I have been following above 10 ways and truly I am feeling very healthy all the year long. Its my pleasure that I got this article in the beginning of this year. I would like to get another helpful article like this one for next year. Thanks

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