Picks of the Week: Cyber Monday Smart Gift Guide

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You’ll feel like a hero with these deals.

I hope you had a great holiday weekend with family. Like you, my inbox has been full with deals on this or that for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m not big into shopping at all. I’d rather do almost anything else. After about a half hour of shopping, I am distracted, wandering, wishing I was doing something else. So, online shopping (or local, smaller shops– with lots of fresh air in between) suits me better!  Here are some of the best deals I could find this holiday weekend. Of course, head to your local downtowns to support your local retailers first and foremost. But in case you need it, here are some great deals that also support the writing here at Non-Toxic Kids:

1.  Did you get your Holiday cards yet? The best deals of the season are this week, ending on Cyber Monday on Tiny Prints. They have many great options, including recycled papers:









2.   Here’s the best deal on Little Passports— a fun and exciting way to teach your child about world geography and cultures. Every month, follow Little Passports characters Sam and Sofia as they embark on a new country adventure. Your first month’s Explorer Kit arrives in a suitcase and contains everything your child needs to get started learning about our big world: a letter from Sam and Sofia, a map, a passport, stickers, access to online games and more. Country specific packages filled with fun souvenirs, letters, stickers, photos and activity sheets arrive every month thereafter. Get started with Little Passports today, subscriptions start as low as $10.95! (and that’s without the discount!)

From November 29th – December 2nd: 50% off first month of monthly subscription with code: BLACK50

On December 3rd: 40% off first month of monthly subscription with code: BLACK40

On December 4th: 30% off first month of monthly subscription with code: BLACK30

3.  I don’t buy many clothes for my girls. Usually, the grandparents are big suppliers and we visit the consignment shop each fall. But during the holidays I like to pick out one dress for each girl. Tea makes it easy this weekend and Cyber Monday. They have unique globally inspired designs and the clothes are made to last. You can’t go wrong with these prices (I should have waited!). But alas, dear reader, you can snag the deal.

4. For old school, creative and artful toys and gifts, the Land of Nod is a great site. I love their uniquely designed dolls (not plastic, and non-stereotyped to boot). They have simple, classic toys and products for kids such as bean bags, instruments and board games. Their are many toys that promote creative play, too, such as tents, playhouses, costumes, and fabric pretend food. Not to mention all the home products, but I try to not look at those and stay focused on the kids.  Their sweet Cyber Monday deal is below:


Did I miss any? Feel free to let me know in the comments!  We’d love to hear from you.

FCC rules: Buying through these links supports the writing on this site, and thanks!

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