Yoga for the Brain!

IMG_0681I’m a fan of doodling. I’ve been doing it all of my life. During travel, stressful times, interesting and not so interesting classes. But as an adult, I barely do it now. Sure, during a phone call or lengthy meeting, maybe, but rarely.

Turns out this kind of creative activity is good for the brain and staying on task. And how about for kids? They have busy lives too, and often need to decompress, to relax, and engage in some daily art.

IMG_0624I was lucky enough to receive this card set called Yoga for your Brain: A Zentangle Workout,  Original Education by Sandy Steen. Right away the kids and I started in. We were creating gorgeous designs in minutes, all sitting together at the kitchen table. Everyone calmed down and focused. I forgot all about frustrations of the day and my perpetual to-do list. Truly, this simple act calmed me, brought me closer to family, and connected me to my creativity and artfulness.

This little deck could be taken anywhere. I know my students would benefit from using these cards as well. This is a perfect present for the holidays for anyone wanting to relax, be creative, and connect with family and friends. We will be using this frequently– we’ll keep it out on the kitchen table for now. Zentangle also has many other card sets, workbooks, and sketchbooks based on their super original and creative designs. My girls are already interested in these.

FCC rules: I was sent a pack of Yoga for the Brain cards to review. This post is based on my experience. The post has an affiliate link, so buying through it supports the writing on this site. Thank you!

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