No Secret’s Campaign Calls for Ingredient Labeling (and #EcoTipTue this week!)

Chemicals linked to hormone disruption, allergies, and even cancer are found in cleaning products Americans use every day, yet most manufacturers keep the ingredients in their products a secret from the public.

A new campaign, “No Secrets,”led by Women’s Voices for the Earth with cleaning product companies that are leading the industry in ingredient disclosure, seeks to create a new standard of transparency in the industry.

“The companies supporting ‘No Secrets’ have nothing to hide in their products,” explained Erin Switalski, executive director of Women’s Voices for the Earth. “Their participation is proof that successful companies can give the public the ingredient information they need without hurting their bottom line.”

To date, 15 cleaning product manufacturers have joined No Secrets. Find out which ones here. 

We’ll discuss this campaign, how to keep you and your family safe from toxic fragrances, and have lots of giveaways this Tuesday night for #EcoTipTue on Twitter. Please join us at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT and follow #EcoTipTue, @MomsRising @Women4Earth and @Non_Toxic_Kids to join in! 

“Over 70 percent of consumers are concerned about the ingredients that go into the products that they purchase, and about 30 percent are actively looking for safer products,” said Larry Weiss, founder and chief scientist of CleanWell. “These growing consumer concerns cannot be addressed without transparency about ingredients along with evidence-based resources to help consumers understand this information.”

“At Seventh Generation, we’ve always believed that consumers have the right to know what’s in the products they buy,” said Ashley Orgain, manager of mission advocacy and outreach. “That’s why we are proud to link arms with Women’s Voices for the Earth and join the No Secrets campaign to bring transparency to the marketplace.”

Major companies like Clorox and SC Johnson recently began revealing some product ingredients, but still refuse to disclose product-specific fragrance ingredients, fearing a loss of competitive edge. The No Secrets campaign aims to show that many successful cleaning product companies already disclose all ingredients, and to mount pressure on more companies to follow suit. Legislation dubbed the “Cleaning Products Right to Know Act” would require cleaning product manufacturers to disclose all ingredients and is expected to be re-introduced in Congress later this year.

“Consumers have a right to know what’s hiding in household products, which is why I will be reintroducing legislation to require full disclosure of the ingredients in everyday cleaning products,” said Representative Steve Israel (D-NY). “I applaud the companies joining with the No Secrets campaign and committing to provide consumers with much-needed transparency.”

Thanks to Women’s Voices for the Earth for this new campaign and for joining us tonight for #EcoTipTue. Have a question for them? Leave it as a comment and we will ask it for you. What concerns YOU about secret toxic fragrance ingredients?

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