Interview with Ed Brown, Creator of the film Unacceptable Levels

(Have you heard of award winning film Unacceptable Levels? This film chronicles the thousands of untested chemicals in the market place and how they are harming our children and families. Please check out to find a screening near you. Spread the word to family and friends– we all need to be talking about this issue and asking our Senators to take action to protect families from toxic chemicals that are everywhere we turn.  The more people we can reach, the more educated we become, the more likely our leaders will listen and act!

I had the good fortune of interiewing the film’s creator, Ed Brown. Please post your questions about the film here and hopfully we can get them answered for you.)

Ed Brown and his family

1. Tell us about your film. What inspired you to create it? 

It’s the feel-good comedy of the year, which is animated by Pixar! No, I’m just kidding, Unacceptable Levels is a film about how our bodies are now Ground Zero for toxic chemicals across the globe. It’s a story about chemicals in our bodies, how they got there, and what we can do about it. Chemicals are affecting our bodies every single day, and more importantly, they are going into our children’s bodies. Laboratory tests have found as many as 232 chemicals in the cord blood of newborns.

Knowing this, I had to do something about it. For me, that meant getting behind the camera and making this film in order to relay this information to the world. What inspired me to create Unacceptable Levels? My two kids are why I decided to create this film. My kids are why I do almost everything – every single day. It was a tough decision to make this film, but I really needed to do the right thing when faced with an issue this huge.

2. What do you think about the new reforms proposed for TSCA?

To be perfectly honest, I’m not certain what to think. The Chemical Safety Improvement Act was introduced just a few weeks ago and while it has a nice ring to it, it seems to be another attempt to pass half-measures that ultimately will not change anything.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens here, but people need to watch this film and decide what they want to say to their Senators. People need to speak up about this issue.

I think real change will happen when consumers can make clearly informed choices.

3. What worries you most about toxic chemicals in every day products? 

The fact that there are toxic chemicals in our everyday products! It’s staggering to consider that there are acceptable levels of cadmium or lead in products on our store shelves right now. I don’t care about how the industry decides to spin it –these chemicals shouldn’t be in consumer products at all. I worry about my children and I want to teach them how to make safer, healthier choices as they grow up to ensure a brighter future. But that still goes back to labeling products and getting chemicals of concern out of products so we don’t have to worry about the health repercussions later on.

4. How can parents make their voices heard about this issue? 

Easy. Stop buying the wrong products, and choose to buy products that are safer and healthier for your family. Vote with your consumer dollars. Tell your friends. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Take part in Twitter parties. Co-host a living room conversation. Parents have a real voice in this and I hope you will feel compelled to use it.

Learn more about the issues at and the many organizations that share our mission. Healthy Child Healthy World and Safer Chemicals Healthy Families are two great resources for parents who want to learn more about these issues.

Learn. Think. Act.

5. What have you learned from creating this film, and what do you hope it will do? 

I learned that the world we’re living in is much different than I once thought it was. The rabbit hole is pretty deep, and the world of chemicals is extremely complex. Making this film made the world a lot smaller for me – we are all on this earth together and we are all facing the same problem of companies owning our health. I made this film for everyone alive on this planet today.

My biggest hope is that Unacceptable Levels plays a role in creating real and lasting change in our world – that this film will be a helpful tool for all of the people at the nonprofits, companies, and local outreach programs working to achieve the singular goal of making all of us, and our precious children, safer.

A movement like this can only be symbolized by the lives that are changed for the better. I am honored to do my part.

Thanks Ed, for making this film and for this interview! You are adding to the chorus of voices on this issue and have created a tool for change, education, motivation and inspiration. 

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