10 Inspiring Tweets about being an activist (aka Super Hero) for Children’s Health!

Last week I hosted #EcoTipTue for MomsRising on a very special topic to me– how to raise our collective voices to make the world a healthier, safer, and more green place for our kids to live. AKA: Becoming a Super Hero (or heroine) for children’s health! I had special guest and eco-mom activist Lori Alper of Groovy Green Livin’, and many other green bloggers joined in to share their ideas and perspectives. Here are some of the most inspiring tweets.

RT greenforu: A8: it is important for everyone to use their voice but women are often passionate and do not give up #ecotiptue

RT @myhippiehome: @MomsRising@groovygreenlivi Lead by example and spread the word to whoever will listen. #EcoTipTue

RT @PeacefulParlour: @MomsRising A10 We need to trust ourselves, our intuition and lean on each other.#EcoTipTue

RT groovygreenlivi: A10 Provide opportunities for everyone to find their powerful voice and use it. #EcoTipTue

RT @myhippiehome: Imperative @MomsRising as a wife, mom and woman we have a unique and solid voice to inspire change! #EcoTipTue

RT JnJGoGreen: @MomsRising Women tend 2be the 1’s buying the products that could contain toxins &are probably more likely 2listen 2another women #ecotiptue

RT @groovygreenlivi: A7 Seeing change occur right before my eyes. It’s amazing and inspiring. #EcoTipTue

RT CW_AtticaScott: @momsrising I encourage #parents to organize around a common local issue, meet with ur electeds abt ur concerns, involve ur kids. #EcoTipTue

RT groovygreenlivi: A6 Everything takes much longer than I imagined, especially when there are a lot of players. Patience!#EcoTipTue

RT JnJGoGreen: @MomsRising A5: Find a cause or topic that you are passionate about. Don’t spread yourself thin. Focus focus focus.#ecotiptue

See what I mean? These folks can be inspirational in under 140 characters!  What are YOUR tips for being a super hero for kid’s health?  And please, join us each week for #EcoTipTue on Twitter at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT!  We’d love to have you.

image: Steve-c-foto on Flickr under CC

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