Join us for a MomsRising Tweet Chat this Tuesday on toxin-free summer travel!

I’m thrilled to announce that I recently started working with MomsRising on the issue of reducing toxics. I’ve been a member of MomsRising since it began, and since I took my first action with a tiny infant asleep on my lap.

I’ve always been a big fan of the platform of issues MomsRising represents– maternity and paternity leave, open flexible work, toxin free families, health care for all, early care and education, fair pay for all, and paid sick days–all near and dear to my heart and the lives of American families.

In the early days of parenting, reading about important issues through MomsRising, and taking action on them connected me to the wider world, and made me feel less isolated, and more powerful. I felt connected to a network of mothers who wanted to make the world a better, safer, healthier place, and that connection mattered a great deal to me.

It still does. Now I am partnering with my friend Gloria Pan, who I first worked with at Moms Clean Air Force, and who has extensive experience in online activism, communication and organizing. I couldn’t be more excited!

Join us for our first twitter chat called Eco Tip Tuesday, or #ecotiptue on Twitter. The chat starts at 9pm on Tuesday, June 18th. On Twitter, type in the hashtag #ecotiptue and join the conversation.

We’ll be discussing how to keep your kids healthy, toxin-free and safe while traveling this summer. Please join us to share tips for the tricky business of road trips with young children. We know it can be a challenge, and our members and readers are some of the wisest parents out there. They’ll be lots of tips for you to take with you on your next road trip.

Hope you can join us, and please share widely so we can increase the knowledge out there and arrive with well fed and happy kids.

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