Watch an 8 year old girl tell Dr. Oz: Organics aren’t snobby, but safer and healthier!

When Dr. Oz wrote about how organic foods were no healthier then conventional foods, I was stunned, like many healthy food advocates, environmentalists, and organic farmers. Here was a famous health advocate, someone who expouses the merits of eating whole foods, telling Americans to eat BPA laden canned foods?

He said: “Organic food is great, it’s just not very democratic. As a food lover, I enjoy truffle oil, European cheeses and heirloom tomatoes as much as the next person. But as a doctor, I know that patients don’t always have the time, energy or budget to shop for artisanal ingredients and whip them into a meal.”

Of course he skipped over the mountains of research linking exposure to pesticides from food to numerous health problems and diseases, and the health problems of farm workers exposed to these toxic chemicals.  He also stigmatized all of the families working hard to buy healthy, local, and organic food as snobby foodies.

Well, Dr. Oz, get ready to be taken to task by an 8 year old. Coral and her mom wrote this letter in response to Dr. Oz’s article in Time magazine, and it is amazing. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Coral knows more than most adults about the merits of local, organic, whole food eating. We can all learn from her!

Want more reasons to buy organic? See this great article from our friends at Kaia magazine. 

Please share this all over Twitter and Facebook to catch Dr. Oz’s attention. Coral should be on his show  to take him on for these views.  She will certainly have a rocking future in journalism, politics, or environmental health as well!

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