Moms Not Lovin It! (McDonalds, stop marketing unhealthy food to our kids)

Moms are tired of fighting corporate fast food marketing at the grocery store, on TV, in movies, online, on the radio, and even in our schools.  For Mother’s Day, let’s call on McDonald’s to stop the aggressive marketing to children!  

The White House , four federal agencies (FTC, FDA, CDC, and the USDA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics have all recommended that McDonald’s and its competitors stop promoting junk food to children, finding that marketing to children under 8 is “inherently deceptive” and “wholly exploitative.”

Nevertheless, McDonald’s continues with its deceptive marketing campaigns designed specifically to appeal to young children, while convincing parents that their food is healthy.  

McDonald’s uses television, cross-promotions with kids’ shows and movies, celebrities and role models, radio, the Internet, video games and even schools, to completely envelope the environment children grow up in with their marketing.  McDonald’s also runs more playgrounds and gives away more toys than any other private entity in the world.  They use Ronald McDonald, a friendly cartoon character, to entice children to buy their products.  Sound familiar?
McDonald’s contributes to the soaring rates of diet-related disease that already put one in three children today at risk for developing diabetes. McDonald’s also contributes to the ballooning health care costs (already over $190 billion annually in the US) that are associated with treating preventable diet-related illnesses like asthma, celiac, and heart disease.  Both the human and economic toll will be staggering in years to come unless we change course now.

With your voice, we can show shareholders that concerned parents across the country refuse to stand for McDonald’s shameless profiting off of this global health nightmare.

Post the above image on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, etc. with your thoughts on McDonald’s marketing practices. Don’t forget the hash tag #MomsNotLovinIt, and direct people to

Join us in telling McDonalds “We are NOT lovin it.”  Thanks for this Mother’s Day gift!

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