Compromise Bill: The Chemical Safety Improvement Act of 2013

My first post about “scary” BPA containing bottles. 

Well, it’s about time. We’ve been writing about The Safe Chemicals Act for years. Since 2008 when I started Non-Toxic Kids, we’ve been calling for a re-write of the ancient 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act. Right now, we have at least 85,000 chemicals on the market that have never been tested for safety, and we have no clear mechanism for testing new chemicals that isn’t industry based (and biased).

Senator Lautenberg of New Jersey has been talking about this issue (and taking action) for over a decade.  We’ve seen no movement of this bill, as thousands of children are exposed to a cocktail of chemicals that can harm their vulnerable systems. Research tells us that children take in more chemicals by body weight and because of their rapid development, they are affected by chemical exposures more than adults.  Meanwhile, rates of autism, cancer, early puberty, reproductive problems, obesity, and asthma rise. 
Now, just in the last week, we’ve seen movement on this issue.  A compromise bill as been put forth by Senator Lautenberg and Senator Vitter.  This is very exciting and a giant step– but also a time for reading and understanding this compromise. 
I’m busy researching all the angles of this bill. I remain hopeful– but realistic. I want to know what the trade-offs are to industry about keeping our kids safe from chemicals, in commerce and in communities, and how bill this will affect states that have already made great progress on toxics, such as Vermont, Washington and California.  I also know we are in desperate need of action to protect our kids on toxics and need to move this issue along. 
I’ll report back with some big news from me about blogging and toxics, and break down this issue more fully. Here’s what I am reading (and listening to) about this issue to learn more. 
What do you think about this bill? I am cautiously optimistic. We’ve come a mighty long way from people looking at us like we were crazy when we talked about BPA in sippy cups. I truly feel that it has been the efforts of each and every parent, organization for children’s and environmental health,  bloggers and activists that have moved this issue in the public consciousness and now (finally)  the political arena. 
We will work tirelessly to support a bill that is the strongest possible to protect our families from toxic chemicals in products, food, water, communities, and our nation. 


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