8 Ways to have a Green and Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Oh yes, you’ve surely seen the “Every Kiss begins with Kay” commercials and the rows of cheap, over-packaged chocolates at the grocery store. Or my favorite, more ways for corporations behind mass marketed cartoons to make loads of money, those glossy, super packaged valentines!

You don’t need them.  Here are some ideas for how to have a green, healthy and eco-friendly valentine’s day with your loved ones.  I know you have great ideas, so share yours in the comments, please!

1. Start the the day special with some homemade treat like pumpkin muffins, banana bread, heart shaped waffles or pancakes. Warm breakfast love! That’ll beat cold cereal any day.

2. Make valentine’s card with found items. Use old Christmas cards, magazines, catalogs, stamps, and old photos to make collage hearts. These are unique, personal, and free!

3. Slip love notes into your kid’s lunch boxes. Little hearts with affection will surprise and delight!

4.  Do a special valentine’s day craft with your cuties. Here are some beautiful ideas from crafting a green world. 

5.  Looking for a green valentine’s day present to buy? There is just a little time left to order organic, fairly traded chocolates and treats from Kate’s Caring Gifts. 

6. Here are some creative ideas for making a memorable Valentine’s day dinner for the family, and they don’t cost a dime. They include serving and eating only red foods, making all parts of the meal heart shaped, and pretending your are eating out: dress up, use a table cloth, and create a restaurant scene.

7. Give a good book. Visit your nearest used book store and pick up a special book for each member of the family. What is better than promoting a love of books on Valentine’s day?

8. Focus on the experience. Give your spouse a night out, time for a favorite hobby, or schedule a date night. Or, settle in with some dark chocolate and a movie.

What are your ideas for a low cost, high love and eco-friendly Valentine’s day?

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