Commit to Voting!

I commit to voting in this election. 

I’m voting because I want a better world for my kids. I want them to breathe clean air, eat clean food, and live in healthy communities with strong schools. Communities with supports and opportunities, and plenty of ways to earn a living while promoting peace, justice, equality, education, and creativity. 
I’m voting because too many people are telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. Too many white men talking about sexual violence in disrespectful ways. I’m voting so my daughters can control their own health care choices. So they can decide when and if to have children. 
Women have come too far to turn back now. President Obama’s first act as president was to sign the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law, and I am proud of that. I am not sure how Governor Romney would have voted on that bill, and that scares me. Our sons and daughters deserve to make the same amount of money for the same work. I am voting for equality. 
I am voting to protect the EPA. Because this government agency, while not perfect, works everyday to protect our environment from corporate and multinational pollution threats to our air, water, land and communities. The EPA is not killing jobs. It is stopping pollution from killing us. 
I am voting so that public schools can continue to make improvements— not be dismantled by underfunding.  Promises of loving teachers mean nothing, if you are going to gut funding, increase shallow testing, and provide little creative freedom or support for teachers. Too many great teachers quit  right now in our country. 
I am voting so that no one in this country is denied health care coverage if they have a preexisting condition. So that people don’t go bankrupt just because a family member gets sick.  Every person in this country should get the health care they need, especially our children. 
I am voting to protect programs for the hungry, the elderly, the very young, the abused, and the disabled. Programs that could be drastically cut, despite the rhetoric. 
I am voting because I think people should have more rights than corporations. That we should support local food systems and economies, not line the pockets of overseas corporations, many with inhumane practices. 
I am voting because I feel that everyone has the right to marry whoever they want and be treated with respect and dignity. 
I am voting for the middle class and for those in poverty. 
I am voting for a more peaceful world and respectful foreign policies. Less bluster. More thought. More care. More even handed and carefully weighed decisions. 
Please join me and encourage everyone you know to vote. Help your friends, neighbors, family members and community get to the polls. We need all of us to vote for this democracy to work!
I’d love to hear why you are voting. 
image: by San Diego Shooter on Flickr under CC


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