6 Ways to Have a Green, Healthy, Mindful and Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving already! November has just flown by. Here are 6 Thanksgiving posts for you to enjoy.

Hopefully, they’ll help you in some way to enjoy the break more fully, to eat healthier, and have less of an impact on the planet.

1. Avoid BPA this Thanksgiving. Preparing Thanksgiving meals using all canned goods delivers a concerning amount of BPA  according to the Breast Cancer Fund.  Reduce your family’s exposures and  cook from scratch with whole foods. For ideas, see the No “can” ber challenge recipes from ESP.
2.  Be thankful. This post describes how you can focus on the positive and enjoy the experience. What a good reminder for busy parents.

3. Make an eco-friendly, thankful centerpiece. Just check out my guest post on Dr. Greene’s perspectives blog on this homemade, easy craft.

4. Planning a Vegetarian Thanksgiving, or option for a visiting vegetarian? We’ve got your covered. See this post for several options and menu plans.  Here is one of my favorite vegetarian main dishes I’ve made for Thanksgiving. This Butternut Squash Lasagna is fancy, beautiful, and super tasty. Here are some considerations for serving healthy, local, and organic Thanksgiving side dishes, too.

5. Pregnant this Thanksgiving? Check out this post for ways to stay healthy this holiday. This post shares seasonal food and drink to avoid while pregnant. 

6. Buy a local, organic, humanely raised turkey. Why? So many environmental, health, and humane reasons. Here are a few from a guest post I did for the lovely Anna of Green Talk. Add to those the awful new secret animal abuse video at Butterball Turkey Farms. Avoid the cruelty and find a turkey you know that has been treated humanely and ethically, or have a vegetarian Thanksgiving instead.

What are your ideas for having an happy, healthy, and eco-friendly Thanksgiving? Please share in the comments.  Wishing you and your family at lovely Thanksgiving holiday filled with blessings, happiness and health. 

image: on Flickr under CC by by Mark Mrwizard


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