plenty full containers (no plastic, no leeching chemicals)

Did you know that even BPA free plastics may leech harmful chemicals in food? Our friends from MightyNest tipped us off about this awhile back, and most recently the smart and savvy Alicia from the Soft Landing did too, with some research on a questionable BPA replacement in canned foods.

Take out the guessing and use stainless steel to store leftovers, lunches, and snacks. Like these containers from Plenty Full. I love that these have NO plastic.  Not the lid, not the sides, nothing.  There is a lip of silicone around the sides to seal the container.  There is also a steel clasp that clicks shut.

And I love that two moms started Plenty Full, because:

“We founded plenty-full to provide beautiful stainless steel as an alternative to “toxic and toss it” food containers. Because enjoying healthy food is key to living a nourishing life– so we feel full with less, we enjoy more and waste less, and we move closer to a world of plenty for all. It’s our mission for ourselves, our families, and our world. We imagine a world of plenty.”

Fantastic.  A small green mama run business.  What’s not to love?  You’ll find three different sized containers, click baby, click mama, and click papa.  They all feature an optional insert for dips, dressings, or smaller food items that fits within each larger container.

I also love that this company is a member of 1% for the Planet, so they donate 1% of all profits to an environmental cause.

Thanks to Plenty Full for providing a safe, BPA and other chemical free food storage option for kids and families!

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