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Hitting the road this summer?  You can only pack so much food for the road.  Sometimes you just need to stop and find something quick. I haven’t been in a regular fast food restaurant for over a decade (ahem, except Dunkin Donuts, I know, I know, but I love bagels, and sometimes there is no local bakery in sight). Most fast food supports the anti-environment agenda: wasteful packaging, massive factory farms, and conventional agriculture and dairy.  Check out the above video, if you didn’t catch it during the grammys. It is so important that big chains utilize and support local food systems– and that consumers demand it.  

Thankfully, the Green Life identified several fast food joints that environmentalists can order from with a clear conscience:
Five Guys

Hardly healthy, their French friends are vegan and delicious. Potatoes are cut fresh – no freezers here. Without processing, they minimize energy input and the packaging is just a paper cup and an unbleached paper bag. (Recommended by Jay Friedlander, Director, Sustainable Business program, College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME)

Le Pain Quotidien

Sustainability is done in an exceptionally fresh and tasty way by using organic ingredients, reclaimed & recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances, and environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. (Recommended by Hans Hess, founder and CEO, Elevation Burger)


They’re bringing environmentally conscious business practices to a large national chain by using natural meats, hormone-free chicken and organic beans, as well as eco-friendly design elements and biodegradable tableware. (Recommended by Michael Wang, founder and of Foumami Asian Sandwich Bar in Boston, MA)

When you’re done eating, it may be time for a walk. If you’re looking for more quick culinary fixes, check out  Happy summer road tripping!

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