Pick of the Week: 9 oz Life Factory Reusable Glass Water-bottle

I’m always searching for safer water-bottles to send to school with my girls and for me to bring to work.  We suffered through the Sigg BPA drama a few years ago, and still have some of their “improved” BPA free bottles around (wait, weren’t the old ones supposed to be, too?).  I don’t like that these chip, and that the lining is still “proprietary,” meaning:  “hey, we can use whatever we want and don’t have to tell you!”So I really don’t like to use them, but I am too frugal to recycle them.

We have 2 Klean Kanteen water-bottles for the kids, and these have been heavily used. The non-leeching stainless steel is great, but if you don’t get the top screwed on absolutely perfectly, they leak a bit. And often we are scrambling to find them, so it would be nice to have another set.
I picked up a Life factory 9 oz water-bottle at the co-op yesterday.  Boy, was that a mistake to pick up only one.  I wanted to see if we like it before buying one for each member of the family.  Bad idea!  My girls argued over it (they argue over whether the sky is blue!), and I told them we would take turns using it until I could get another. That will be fun, keeping track of whose turn it is (don’t you envy me?).
I love that this bottle is made of glass, can be put in the dishwasher, and has silicone protecting the bottle. The colors are great too.  Glass doesn’t pick up flavors or bad tastes, there is no BPA or the next worrisome chemical that might replace it. What’s more, the plastic ring, plug and cap contain no polycarbonates and are food grade, FDA approved and recyclable. Hooray!
I also like the smaller size.  For a long time I was carrying around a huge metal water-bottle that clunked over in the classroom and made a loud sucking noise when I sipped from it (pleasant!).  It was hard to fit in my workbag too.  I think the size of this Life factory bottle will work perfectly for me, except on longer hikes where I need to carry more water.  
So that is why this reusable glass bottle from Life factory is this week’s pick of the week.  What type of water-bottle do you use and why?

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