Earth Day Poetry Contest by Kumon (and giveaway for a Barnes and Noble Gift Card!)

New England Spring
by Katy Farber

Finally spring blows in
warm, welcoming air
big water flowing
life cycles anew

the trees, ready, gathering
to burst into a flame of life
rich, plentiful
ferns reaching, uncurling

to gather power from the sun
the scene changing drastically
movement, movement, birds, bugs, leaves
churning, awakening after many moons

brown, dried, flat changes
to new, bright, poking up
the new takes shelter, nourishment from the past
we should learn from this

we are the new life
springing forward, taking
shelter and nourishment
from our memories

Poetry!  Now this is a way to celebrate the Earth.  A great way to encourage your children to respect, engage with, and love the earth is to write about what they see, feel, notice about nature.

And, to motivate and inspire us, Kumon is hosting a Poetry Challenge on Facebook.

To enter the challenge, students may write a poem — in 200 words or fewer —that celebrates Earth Day. Poems must be submitted through the Kumon Facebook page in one of four forms: haiku, limerick, acrostic or free-form.

To get your brainstorming started, here are some related questions that may help you with your poem:

  • What do you do (or should you do) to protect the environment? 
  • How do you imagine the Earth will look in 20 years? 
  • What makes the environment beautiful or valuable in your eyes? 
  • What does nature mean to you?

The submission period is from April 17 – May 4, and the voting period starts May 8. Winning entries will be announced May 21. The six best entries will each win $500. The winners, and up to two parents or guardians, will also win an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City with a visit to Kumon North America.

This contest is for students ages 18 and under, but parents and guardians play a key role. Poems can only be submitted through a parent’s or guardian’s Facebook account. Students may talk to their instructors about alternative methods of entry. Only one entry per child.

Encourage your child to get his or her creative juices flowing, and he or she could win.

Please comment on this post for a chance to win a 25$ gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.  You can freshen up books for yourself or for your child.  One winner will be selected a random.  You can get extra entries for liking us on Facebook, following on twitter, and spreading the word.  Just let me know in the comments.  Thanks and good luck!

Next stop for the Kumon Earth Day Poetry Blog Hop is The Smart Mama– head over there to hear more and nab another chance to win a Barnes and Noble gift card.

Image:  from Flickr under CC From Dancing Tuna

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