Non-Toxic Kids Picks of the Week

1.  Paper Culture Bamboo Wall Art

I adore these bamboo wall art pieces from Paper Culture. They are so cute for decorating a nursery, toddler room, or big kid’s space.

You can select from the beautiful existing designs or upload your favorite photo and have it printed on environmentally sustainable bamboo.  Why choose bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world– some species grow as much as 4 feet per day!
It  requires no pesticides to grow and relatively small amounts of water, produces more oxygen than the equivalent sized forest of trees, and biodegrades quickly and in its entirety (love that!).

I had the chance to preview these bamboo wall art pieces out at Blogher last summer, and they were oh so lovely. They are well made, durable, and high quality and they’ve been on my wish list since then.
I just started worked with Paper Culture as an affiliate, and learned that they are running a sale on bamboo wall art right now– 20 percent off. Use the code BAMBOO to get the discount.  
2.  Barefoot World Atlas App for iPad
I’ve just started dipping my toe into using an ipad with my daughters. I limit screen time and am weary of many “educational” video games with noise and dancing characters.  I’m not interested in shortening their attention spans or getting them addicting to screen media.  
I have slowly started adding educational apps to our ipad.  Last week I bought this app from Barefoot Books and was stunned by its beauty, detail, and ease of use.  
The globe floats before you, with icons moving (literally, moving) over points of interest. You can zoom in a out to look at different views, countries, regions, landmarks, and so much more.  The design is breathtaking beautiful and simple.  Watch the video to see what I mean.  It is truly a work of art.  
This is the 21st century version of World Book encyclopedia, but much easier, more interactive, and incorporating music, and multiple viewpoints at once.  Using this will build a child’s global literacy, foster an interest in science, social studies, and build cultural awareness.  
My girls were enamored right away.  We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what this app can do.  I used it alone for an hour the other night, just exploring.  
This is no free app.  It’s 7.99 but worth every penny!
What do you think?  Have any favorite educational apps or picks of the week?  Do share!
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