Beth Terry: Anti-Plastic Goddess

You recycle. And compost. You try to buy local foods.  But how about your trash?  How much plastic is in there? And where will it ultimately end up?

I think about this all of the time.  That is because I have a little Beth Terry that sits on my shoulder.  She whispers (and sometimes yells) about what I should buy, and not buy.  She is the founder and author of the amazing blog, My Plastic Free Life (formerly known as Fake Plastic Fish).

If you do not know about Beth Terry’s journey to life plastic free, watch the above video and get ready to be inspired.

I met Beth at Blogher 2011 and saw first hand out she lives her values.  We ate at the conference on plastic plates.  She wasn’t convinced the plates would be recycled, so she said she was going to carry the plate around to each meal and reuse it. Now that is sacrifice (who wants to carry around a dirty plate at a conference?).

Here she is, mad at the flagrant plastic use (with Amber Strocel) at Blogher 2011.

Would you mess with these two?

Later that night, she brought her stainless steel wine glass to celebrations.  This girl doesn’t mess around.

I know I won’t live a plastic free life like Beth, but I will try each and every day to lessen my plastic usage.  This is no time to grow complacent, we have to make the best decisions we can about the food and products we buy, considering all angles of health, society and waste.

Beth reminds us to live our values.  Make choices that show what we believe.  Thanks, Beth, for living what you believe, and for sharing it with us. Thanks too, for your voice in my ear, helping me live my values (most of the time!) too.

What do you do to lessen your plastic waste?  Are you inspired by Beth?


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