Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Most of you savvy moms and dads have already secured your holiday presents, I’m sure.  Just in case you are making your orders this week, here are a few trusted sources for safe, healthy, green and educational gifts for your little ones and family.

1.  Here are my favorite online retailers for safe and environmentally friendly toys.  Many are having sales and shipping deals this week, so hustle on over!
2. Check out the lovely books here at Barefoot Books.  You can find sweet gift books that feature the earth, multi-culturism, and quality literature.  Free shipping until December 15th!
3.  Here is a gift guide from our friends at Mightynest.  You can find anything you need for a family member at this site– and know that it is safe, healthy and green.  From toys, to kitchen gear, to non-toxic art supplies, Mightynest is loaded with great ideas.   
4.  Please visit the supporters of Non-Toxic Kids,  including:
Lullaby Organics (safe, flame retardant free pjs for the family)
*Little Green Pumpkin (formerly known as Little Green Shop)  for greener baby care
*Caterpillar Baby for cloth diapers and more
*Baby UR Precious for yummy soft bamboo baby towels and more
*Good Things, Green Things, for a lovely selection of handmade green goodies  
*and Ava Anderson Non-Toxic for all your beauty and bath products.  Here’s an Ava Anderson deal for this week:  In time for the holiday until DECEMBER 30th: Try any Ava product for 20% off! Must order through emailing Ashlee 
5.  Please also see my hand selected non-toxic picks at the shop page, listed above.  There I have listed a few more of my favorites, and there is an Amazon page with my safe picks listed as well.  Ordering through this links supports the writing here at Non-Toxic Kids, as I am an affiliate. 
Enjoy the hustle and bustle. Be sure to take some down time to enjoy the quiet, reflective and lovely side of the holiday season too.  


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